How do I view system information?



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    The Audit Log entry should use ENA and not Entuity.

    There is confusion about the Table widget that is generally seen in many help entries.  

    The table widget has associated acitvities.  

    Configure Columns, Export and Filter.

    This entry mixes up Filter with Configure Columns.  There should be a way for the user to read how to perform all 3 of these Table widget activites, probably accessible via a hyperlink to the text that describes each one.

    When describing the columns of the Audit Log table, the description of the Context column is not correct.  Unfortunate that thresholds has been used in this entry to describe what the Context is.  Please look at the old Help to see how thresholds are represented in the Audit Log ( it is the object on which the threshold lives that appears in the Context column and the Threshold itself appears in the Details column).

    Apart from Thresholds, the Context column contains the Object on which the action occurred.


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